In honor of the late Hilda E. Johnson, Founder of Essence of Hope INC

We recognize your hard and tireless work in creating this beautiful organization. Your vision to ensure everyone you encountered  had a roof over their head and food to eat has paved the way for us to continue your work in providing  a safe place for others to call home while overcoming life challenges.

We will continue to serve the homeless and feed the hungry as you have laid the foundation and example that we must be our brother's keeper. Through multiple bouts with cancer you never complained, just continued to serve and we will do the same.

On behalf of every person you feed, every person you housed, and every person you helped recover from addiction we say THANK YOU!

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The spirit of Essence of Hope is the heartfelt obligation to come to the aid of men, women, and families whose lives are adversely affected by homelessness and hunger.  We provide transitional housing and supportive services to addicts, alcoholics, HIV/Aids, mental illness, domestic violence and a host of other circumstances for those who desire to overcome life challenges. Our love, education, and sincerity strengthens our clients mind, body and spirit to become productive members of society.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to help others. Your generous donation will fund our mission  to help clients overcome addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, hunger, HIV/AIDS and mental illness.

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Our Programs

Housing Programs

  • Recovery Mangement 
  • Housing First Emergency Shelter
  • Hands Up Transitional Housing 
  • Voice of Champions
  • Serving Homeless American Veterans Every Day Program 

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Work Ready & Independent Living Programs

  •  Re-Entry Home Initiative  
  • Resume Writting 
  • Pre-employment Assesments
  • Mock Interviews  
  • Independent Living  

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